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At NATIONAL SOURCE PUBLIC RECORDS, INC. we recognize the importance of providing accurate and timely reports and that our clients want the best value when they are making hiring decisions without diminishing quality or service.

That is why we set reasonable and attainable time and budget quotas. We work with our clients throughout the United States offering each Company our highest level of attention. NATIONAL SOURCE PUBLIC RECORDS, INC. strives to maintain a high standard of customer satisfaction, we accomplish this by using the best possible methods in fulfilling our clients request and we stay abreast of the latest industry news. We are proud to serve our present clients and look forward to serving our newest clients.

National Source Public Records, Inc. offers the following investigative tools:

Criminal History Reports
Credit Reports
Driving Records
Social Security Validation
Employer Verifications
Education Verifications
Professional Licensing
Real Estate Ownership
Bankruptcy Filings
Probate Records
Uniform Commercial Code
Patriots Act Sanction Verification
Identity Theft Investigations
Legal Investigations
Nationwide Wants and Warrants

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