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Instant SSN Address History
Instant State Criminal Index
Instant National Criminal/Sex Offender Search
Instant Terrorists Watch List/OFAC SDN Search
5/7/9-Panel Drug Screen w/MRO Available by request please contact our customer service department at (800) 750-1360 ext 112
County Criminal Search (Please call for volume discounts, and client rates) Fees are for one time use

Additional Court Fees
County Civil Search
Statewide Criminal Search

Additional State Fees
Federal Criminal Search
Federal Civil Search
Past Employment Verification
Education Verification
Reference Verification
Professional License Verification
I-9 E-Verify
Office of Inspector General Check
Excluded Parties List System
Social Validation
Workers Compensation

+ State Fees
Driving Records

Additional State Fees
Background Check Notification
Adverse Action Letter
Application Review for determination of best search to order, when social security number shows no current address history

1. Additional Fees charged by courts, previous employers, educational institutions and state DMV offices may apply.

2. "AKA" or "Also Known As" searches must be searched separately by county court clerks. For this reason, AKA searches are charged as a second search. Any additional court fees are charged as well

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